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Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris has been working with international and regional college and high school student groups for the past 10 years creating educational tours and custom programs. With wealth of travel industry experience, seasoned tour directors, and network of local suppliers, Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris provides exceptional tourism services throughout Rwanda . In the past we have organised special themed tours for students from different high schools and univerisities mainly from U.S.A, Canada and Ngeria such as Michigan State University, Havard University, Shawnee State University, Oklahoma State University, Univesity of Georgia and oxbridge university to name a few. We strongly believe its overdue that we start offering the same type of specialized experiencial tours to local schools in Rwanda that complement the current students curiculum.

Each student group has unique interests, time constraints, and budget concerns. At Show Me Around Rwanda Safaris, a dedicated program manager works closely with each of our student groups to design customized student group tour program while optimizing resources and meeting student group’s travel objectives. Private student group tours are designed for groups of 20 or more students. Your group can choose from one of our recommended itineraries or our program managers can design a customized program that is tailored to meet all your student group’s needs.

Choose from one of our suggested programs or allow one of our knowledgeable Program Managers to customize an educational tour program with a unique theme for your student group. Our pre-packaged itineraries feature various themes such as business, law, education, culture, history, health, governance, agriculture etc. These tours aim at introducing the visitor to one or several distinct themes. This is achieved through a variety of visits to institutions and projects, meetings with individuals and groups from the grassroots level to the top decision-makers, a mix of a few theoretical presentations and many practical experiences on the ground, and time for discussions and reflections. All of this is combined with intimate experiences with the local culture and people as well as the country’s established tourism attractions that offer both relaxing and adventurous travel environment.

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