Tanzania is the envy of most safari countries

being home to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar. All of Tanzania safari parks have their own special appeal, which makes the country a real contender for our favorite destination. The general rule in picking the right Tanzania safari is to consider whether you want to experience the famous northern circuit or the quieter southern counterpart. The northern circuit includes the Serengeti National Park. This is the famous stopping ground of the Wildebeest Great Migration, which attracts the highest concentration of predators in Africa. You could combine time here with a few nights on top of the Ngorongoro Crater or along the shores of Lake Manyara to witness Tanzania's absolutely phenomenal big-game regions. Alternatively, you could head to the southern circuit on your Tanzania safari holiday to experience the country's charming 'off-the-beaten-track wildlife regions, such as Ruaha National Park and the Selous Game Reserve. As well as offering an iconic African safari holiday, Tanzania supplies superb and unique experiences, from mobile camping to privately guided photographic safari courses.



Zanzibar Holidays

Zanzibar is everything you imagine of an Indian Ocean island -mile upon mile of beautiful beaches lined with palm trees and turquoise waters. The relaxed pace of island life is evident the moment you step off the plane. The island's capital,Zanzibar Town, is a hive of activity.This honeypot of local culture attracts tourists into its central 'Stone Town' a myriad of narrow streets where travellers explore the town's compelling architecture, haggle at market stalls,and learn about the island's fascinating history. A trip to the island is not complete without a night in Stone Town to appreciate the importance of this little place.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is Tanzania's largest national park. Located in the heart of the country, Ruaha is a predator-rich remote wilderness that is far off the beaten track. An office favourite for value alone,Ruaha is a hidden gem. The remote location only adds to the park's appeal, leaving it wonderfully devoid of travellers. Big cat viewing is superb here and the overall quality of guiding is probably the best in the country. Usually booked in conjunction with Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park is an off-the-beaten-track destination that is often described as ideal for old safari hands.However, we believe that this park is for everyone who has an interest in true wilderness and big game viewing. There is no reason that this ridiculously good safari park should be ignored by adventurous safari novices!

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater,the world's largest intact volcanic caldera,holds Africa's Big Five in the continent's most dramatic setting. Fantastic cats,as well as huge tusker elephants and a large population of black rhino, are the major highlights.

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is the mother of all safari parks and is located in northern Tanzania. Stopping ground of the 2 million strong Great Migration and home to the highest concentration of predators in Africa, Serengeti National Park is one of those rare places that exceeds your imagination. The Serengeti is the Africa that we all have in our minds - endless grass plains stretching as far as the horizon, punctuated only by the odd flat-topped acacia tree. The concentration of game here is truly phenomenal. This is Big Five game viewing territory, in an authentic environment with no fences and little interruption from man - the huge herds following ancient migration routes embedded in their genes.