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Uganda is deservedly ranks among the richest country in the world in terms of bird species with approximately 1,057 bird species and more birds per square kilometer than any African country. Uganda is home to an impressive number of species of birds that vary from residents, that stay all year around, to breeding birds, that spend a good part of the growing season in Uganda to raise their young, migrants who pass through Uganda with the seasons, to wintering birds who like to spend a good part of the winter in Uganda to escape colder conditions up north.

Airport pick up.

Our tour guider will pick you from Airport and check in at Pearl of Africa Hotel.

Birding mabamba and Entebbe botanical gardens. After breakfast, we will head to Mabamba Bay which is an Important Birding Area. We will watch birds for 2 -3 hours using dugout canoes to explore the wetland in search for swamp species. This includes the Rufous Bellied Heron, Purple Swamphen, Reed Warbler(s), Pygmy and Spur Winged Goose, Lesser Jacana and, etc… Later in the afternoon we will drive to Entebbe and visit the Botanical gardens. We will look out for birds like the African Grey Parrots, Broad Billed Roller, Grey Woodpecker, Klaas’s, Diederick and Red Chested Cuckoo, Superb, Red Chested, Scarlet Chested, Collard, Green Throated and Copper Sunbird, Orange, Spotted Backed, Black Headed, Slender Billed and Golden Backed Weaver, finding the GreatBlue and Ross’s etc….dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park. This is the closest game park to Kampala city; it is located in a series of swamp-fringed lakes which provide a great habitat for bird life. The park has about 313 different bird species including 8 of the 12 species of the Lake Victoria Basin biome that occur in Uganda, the elusive Shoebill stork and White-winged Warbler; other species include the Crested, Coqui, and the Red-winged Francolins, Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Buff-spotted, Brown-eared, and the Grey Woodpeckers, Trilling, Stout, and Wing-snapping Cisticolas, Red-necked spurfowl, Black-bellied Bustard etc… After breakfast, we will drive to Lake Mburo, on your way you will have an opportunity to bird along the road, then later after lunch you will go for a sun downer boat cruise searching for swamp species and water birds. Meals and accommodation at Eagle Nest.

Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi. After breakfast we will drive to Lake Bunyonyi, the deepest lake in Uganda and situated close to the borders. Upon arrival at the “Lake of the small birds” a motor boat awaits you for transport to Bushara Island. Dinner and overnight at Bunyonyi Overland Resort.

Lake Bunyonyi. After breakfast you will take a boat ride along Lake Bunyonyi and explore the surroundings from the water surface. Drift quietly to the several small islands and enjoy the rich birdlife. Return for lunch and then take on a Bird Walk in Mukoni Village. Generally 40 to 50 different species may be seen on this walk, including the African Hobby, Black Kite, Swamp Flycatcher, Scarlet-chested, Bronze and Red-chested Sunbirds, White-headed Saw-wing etc. . Dinner and overnight at Bunyonyi Overland Resort.

Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is Uganda’s second largest National park. It stretches from the crater-dotted foothills of the Rwenzori ranges in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward to the remote Ishasha River in the south, incorporating a wide variety of habitats that range from open savannah to rainforest, dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward. This remarkable diversity is reflected in its bird list of 606 species, the largest of any protected area in Africa. Eleven species of global conservation concern have been recorded, the bird species in the park include Papyrus Gonolek, Papyrus Canary, Great white and Pink-backed Pelicans, African Mourning Dove, African Open-billed Stork, Black-rumped Buttonquail, Yellow-billed, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers, White-winged Terns, Swamp Fly-catcher, Grey-capped Warbler, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Collard Pranticles, African Jacana, Pin-tailed Whydah, Martial Eagle, Gabon and Slender-tailed Nightjars, the lovely Black-headed Gonolek etc… After breakfast, we will drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park and check in Park View Lodge for dinner and overnight.

Queen Elizabeth National Park savanna birding and bird watching on Kazinga channel. We will start with an early rise and bird through the vast grassland looking for savanna species which includes the African Moustached Warbler, Black and White Browed Coucal, Golden Weaver, Grey Kestral, Southern Red Bishop, Flappet, Red Capped and Rufous Napped Lark, Grassland, Plain Backed and Thick Billed Pipit, Black-Chinned Quail Finch, Crimson Rumped Waxbill, White Browed Robinchat, Black Headed Gonolek, Common and Blue Quail, African Crake, Temminck’s Couser. After lunch, you will head to Kanzinga channel for a boat cruise for lots of water birds and different animals. These include large Schools of Hippos and solitary Buffaloes, elephants, reptiles like The Nile Crocodiles and Lizards, water birdsbirds like Goliath Heron, Black Crake, African Fish Eagle, Black Tailed, Great White Pelican, Pink Backed Pelican, Flamingoes etc…Meals and accommodation at Park View Lodge.

Transfer to Murchison National Park. The park obtained its name from the Murchison falls, a very strong waterfall found within the park where the River Nile, the world’s longest river forces its ways through a narrow gorge only 8 meters wide. The Murchison falls National Park is Uganda’s largest national park, home to over 450 recorded bird species including the rare Shoebill. It protects a variety of wild African savannah! After breakfast we will drive to the park, we will get exposed to different bird species enroute like theBronze Tailed, Lesser and Greater Blue-eared Starlings, Black Winged-bishop, Fantailed Widowbird, White Crested Turaco, Black Billed and Blue Spotted Wood-dove, Yellow Bellied Hyliota, African Moustached Warbler, Brown Twinspot, the seasonal Lesser Grey Shrike, Brown Parrot, African Thrush, Little Sparrow – Hawk, African Harrier Hawk, Grey and Nubian Woodpecker, Green Backed Eremomela, Grey Headed Olive Back, White Chinned Prinia, Black and White Mannikin, Eastern Grey Plantain Eater, Red Eyed, African Morning, Ring Necked, Loughing Dove etc… Chekin at Para Lodge for dinner and overnight.

Transfer to Murchison National Park. After breakfast, we will bird to the north of Murchison look out for birds that includes the Grey Headed, Striped and Woodland Kingfisher, Red Shouldered Cuckoos-Shrike, Beautiful Sunbird, Foxy, Whistling, Croaking, Singing, Rattling, Zitting and Siffling Cisiticola, Abyssanian Ground Hornbill, Black Bellied and Stanley’s Bustard, White Fornted Black Chat, Sooty Chat, Yellow Billed, Wood Chat and Grey Backed Shrike, Abyssinian and Rufous Crowned Roller, Spotted Morning Thrush, African Quail Finch, Vitteline Masked Weaver, Black Billed Baerbet, Swallow Tailed, Northern Carmine, Little and the seasonal Eurosian, Blue Cheeked and Olive bee-eater.White-browed, Chestnut Crowned Sparrow-weavers, White Headed Buffalo Weaver, Speckle Fronted Weaver, Shelley’s Rufaous Sparrow, etc… Alongside the birding, some of the mammals like Girrafe, Cape buffalo, African Elephant, Jackson’s Heartbeast, Oribi, Bohor Reedbuck, Bush and Water Buck, Jackal, Lion, Hyeane can be seen. In the afternoon we will go for a boat ride to the bottom of the falls which will exposes us to lots of water birds like the Saddle Billed, Yellow Billed and African Open Billed Stork, lots of different Kingfishers and large schools of Hipos and Nile Crocodiles. Dinner and overnight at Para Lodge.

Transfer to Entebbe airport. After breakfast, we will drive to Entebbe airport.