Camping inside Akagera national Park
Sleeping in the park with nothing between you and the animals but a thin sheet of nylon is an exhilarating experience and something fairly unique to Akagera Park. But beware of roving gangs of baboons! They’re cheeky and will do their best to steal your food and terrorize you just because they’re jerks and have weird bums. But spending the night around the campfire with a group of friends, some beers and the wide open sky makes for a great break from city life and is one of the best overnight or weekend trips you can do in Rwanda. There are three campsites with the one in the north at Mutumba known as being the most beautiful (but also the farthest away). Camping costs $20 per person per night and the park can rent you a 6 person tent for an extra $20 per night (for the two southern campsites only). They don’t have any other gear though so make sure to bring your own. Both campsites are equipped with a BBQ and firewood is provided plus there are pit latrines and a small shelter. The views at both campsites are great, it’s peaceful and, lets face it, camping in a game park with wild animals roaming in the bush is pretty damned cool.