The Boat Trip Cruise
There are also three pre scheduled boat trips (day, morning and sun set) in order to enjoy the park from water level that is surrounded by the crocodiles, hippos as well as birds. The one hour boat tour costs $40 per person at maximum of 11 people and in case you want to schedule your own trip with a private group at your time, it will costs $180 to rent the whole boat. You can as well take a boat safari with in Akagera Park along Lake Ihema where you will see many hippos and crocodiles. This boat cruise will give you a chance to have a good view of more game which includes elephants, buffalos, and these will gather at the banks in order to drink water. You will also get an opportunity to see more loving birds like the shoebill stork, fish eagles, kingfishers, papurus gonolex, the herons, and many more. The boat on this lake also cost $30 per person during the day for an hour with a guide. This park is simply a beautiful land scape filled with wildlife and so having a good guide will surely be helpful. You will also be amazed by the views and the wildlife.