There are a few ways to get to the top of Mount Kigali and it seems impossible to get lost as long as you just keep going up. If you want to be sure of your approach, follow the signs for Fezenda Senga and you’ll get there eventually. We attempted to be a bit more adventurous but ended up pretty much in the same place as the signs direct you to go. We started our hike by turning right on the road right before Galaxy Bar. A few rights and lefts later and we were well on our way in an up direction. There will be plenty of people around at this early stage to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure of where you’re going. The walk to the top from Galaxy Bar can be done in under an hour. There are lots of different directions you can wander once you’re up on the hill though we only explored a few before getting the feeling that we were going to get hopelessly lost or end up on the complete other side. As you approach the top, you should see a local bar called Mera Neza on a road that goes towards the left, and to the right you’ll see a sign for the horse riding place called Fazenda Senga. If you walk towards the horse place, you’ll see great views of the city. And horses! If you go past the bar, you’ll be taken into a really beautiful wooded area and you can search for spots with views of the areas beyond the edge of the city.