Mount Nyiragongo

Nyiragongo volcano is one of the most active in Africa. It is noted for long active lava lakes which appear in the summit crater. Nyiragongo is one of eight volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains. The volcano is located near the town of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
2016 Activity
Active lava lake continues at the summit of Nyiragongo volcano in January 2016.
A second lava lake appeared in the summit crater in March 2016.
2013 Eruptions
Nyiragongo remains active in January 2013 with satellite images showing hotspots over the volcano, and sulphur dioxide plumes. A lava lake remains active in the summit crater.
2002 Eruption
A major eruption began at Nyiragongo Volcano on Thursday 17th January 2002 with lava flows reaching the city of Goma. The 2002 eruption of Nyiragongo displaced 500,000 people.